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I am a researcher in the interdisciplinary field of mathematics and molecular biology. I am an Assistant Professor in Mathematical Biology at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Vienna and hold an honorary position as Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics at the Mathematics Department of University College London (UCL).


Scientific Interests
The interplay between mathematics and biology has always interested me. I believe that using good mathematical models we can capture, describe and eventually better understand biological phenomena.

Biologically I am interested in
  • Collective motion and pattern formation in e.g. sperm or myxobacteria
  • Cell migration, e.g. keratocyte movement
  • Muscle development, in particular with regards to myonuclear movement and size control
  • The cytoskeleton, particularly actin networks and the interplay with accessory molecules like myosin or cofilin
 Mathematically I am interested in
  • Non-linear PDEs and ODEs (traveling waves, bifurcations, long-term behavior and asymptotic analysis)
  • Agent-based models
  • Kinetic transport equations
  • The Micro-Macro passage from particle-based to macroscopic models
  • Numerical simulations
More details on my current and past projects can be found on my research page.